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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Special Message...

To whom it may concern. In recent months there has been a lot of blogging and debate about fixed gear freestyle or 700cmx. There are a lot of cyclists out there who appear to feel personally offended by the new wave of kids jumping on fixed gear bikes and doing tricks.

As a result the fixed gear "community" has become divided. On one side you have your "Drop-Bar Bike-Snobs" speeding through the city with messenger bags and u-locks handy. And on the other, your "Fixie-Trick Punks" sessioning any parking-lot or stair case they can find.

The continuous argument I hear from speed riders is that "These bikes aren't meant for tricks, they are made for speed". Guess what? These bikes weren't originally intended for street riding either. So what's the difference? Why is it legit to ride track bikes on the street but to do tricks on them is blaspheme?

Personally I just don't get it. Need I remind everyone that we are talking about fucking bicycles here! If you don't like tricking on a fixed gear, don't do it. If you prefer tricks on bmx bikes, great! Ride a bmx! How does another person doing their own thing with their own bike compromise what you are doing with yours? Next time you think about dissing someone for how they ride there bike, get off your high horse and eat a dick! Once again, we are talking about fucking bicycles, not who's got next with your mom.

So to all those who have a problem with 700cmx

-Lo Key