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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Friend and fellow rider J.Knice is coming out with a new line! He's going to be collaborating with various LA based artist. The first shirt drops on January 6th! So get ready, and in the mean time check out his web and if you are in LA stop in at the bike shop The Spoke and pick up one of his tees, top tube pads, ect!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Livery Design Gruppe

We met theses guys @ Bike Day LA 2.0, we talked about there shop and the events they put on, and with all the things they have going on they still came out from HB to help out a ton with Bike Day 3. If you were at our event and got one of the 6 tires or handle bars or one of the many t-shirts then thank them & go on down to there shop and support them.

Livery Design Gruppe
220 Walnut Avenue
Huntington Beach CA 92648

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bike Day LA Trick Contest

This guy didn't make it into the final 3.......but I think he should have.

Bicycle Jeans

Now everything these days seems to be geared with dual duties. Just like these Oslosh bicycle jeans. I'm not really sure how I feel about them. I mean don't most guys who ride wear skinny jeans or shorts anyways? Anyways, what do you think? Of course they are only for dudes, cause girls don't ride right? I guess that's my biggest gripe about the company in general.

If you want to buy them check out their site here.

Bike Day LA 3 Videos!

Thanks to Kevin & Stryker for these videos

Bike Day LA 11/15/09_01 from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

Bike Day LA 11/15/09_02 from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

Bike Day LA 11/15/09_03 from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

Bike Day LA 11/15/09_04 from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

As well here's a link to a facebook album of some of the trick and track stand competitions.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Safety Stuff!

So everyone should be wearing a helmet... but if you don't like the way they look, or perhaps they aren't comfortable for you here's a solution! This beanie helmet by Ignite. Looks good and you can't even tell that you are protecting yourself!
(buy one here:

Here's a great video showing how it works! Well only kind of...

P.S. This post is all thanks to Ryan the Bicycle Lion.


Sorry I've been MIA with the updates. Retail is busy this time of the year... Anyhow I wanted to thank everyone that was out at Bike Day 3 yesterday! We had a great turnout and it seemed like everyone has a good time! Here's a little teaser of some pictures I got at the event. I plan on doing a post of just web addresses to everyone's pictures so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Make a Giggle!

Put a smile on your face!

Bicycle Pornography

Totally safe for work.
Just make sure you wipe up your drool.

If This Doesn't Inspire You...

Then I don't know what will. I need to not only get a helmet asap, but once I do I will never ride without one... This is Rebecca Rae's story:

"starting at 6.30p. august 15th, i started in an alley cat bicycle race around the city i love and hate, birmingham, alabama. i was making excellent time, i was on my way to my 4th stop within 20 minutes. i was making a turn onto 14th street on my way to my 4th stop, then i don’t remember anything…

until i was riding in the back of an ambulance to UAB’s emergency. i was told i was going too fast as i hit a bad patch of pavement, and went head first over my handle bars landing directly on the crown of my head. i suffered a seizure at the sight, road rash along my left side, a black eye, and a major concussion. i was placed immediately into UAB’s NICU ( neural intensive care unit) and went into surgery early monday morning to have two sub-dermal hematomas removed to relieve a dangerous pressure on my brain, the procedure is called a bi-frontal craniotomy.

i am however, really lucky. as it has only been 5 days i am home, walking, talking, and am able to function. there are so many people who end up losing motor or brain function. i am extremely blessed.

i wasn’t wearing a helmet though i should have been.
please, if you ride a bike, for the sake of your life and mine, wear a helmet."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Lock Your Bike

Hal Ruzal tells you how to lock up and grades how people lock up!

New Bike Clothing Wants!!!

How great is this?! I love this Nari Furi Parka hoodie. Funky shaped front pockets so your keys won't fall out, hooded, covers most of the hand, and back cycling jersey pockets. And it's gray. WANTS!

Available here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adidas Gets It...

Now the rest of the driving world needs too.
Far too often bikers are hit because people in their cars are doing everything but what they are supposed to do, pay attention and drive. These new Adidas shirts will hopefully raise awareness as well as look stylish. Go support them and buy one from the Adidas online store!

Picture Post!

So sorry I've been mia! It's getting crazy around here!!! Here's some pictures I've been saving to post!

Friday, October 16, 2009