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Friday, October 30, 2009

If This Doesn't Inspire You...

Then I don't know what will. I need to not only get a helmet asap, but once I do I will never ride without one... This is Rebecca Rae's story:

"starting at 6.30p. august 15th, i started in an alley cat bicycle race around the city i love and hate, birmingham, alabama. i was making excellent time, i was on my way to my 4th stop within 20 minutes. i was making a turn onto 14th street on my way to my 4th stop, then i don’t remember anything…

until i was riding in the back of an ambulance to UAB’s emergency. i was told i was going too fast as i hit a bad patch of pavement, and went head first over my handle bars landing directly on the crown of my head. i suffered a seizure at the sight, road rash along my left side, a black eye, and a major concussion. i was placed immediately into UAB’s NICU ( neural intensive care unit) and went into surgery early monday morning to have two sub-dermal hematomas removed to relieve a dangerous pressure on my brain, the procedure is called a bi-frontal craniotomy.

i am however, really lucky. as it has only been 5 days i am home, walking, talking, and am able to function. there are so many people who end up losing motor or brain function. i am extremely blessed.

i wasn’t wearing a helmet though i should have been.
please, if you ride a bike, for the sake of your life and mine, wear a helmet."

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