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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cincinnati Puts Money into Biking!

Taken from NBC in Cincinnati:
"Cyclists in Cincinnati are now longer just spinning their wheels when it comes to getting more bike paths.
Thursday night, Cincinnati began working with neighbors on a multimillion dollar master plan. It's the first such plan in more than 30 years.
The city is spending around $5 million to overhaul bicycle routes citywide. Almost $4.5 million will go to expanding the Ohio bike trial. And $300,000 is expected to be spent on bike trails along the banks Downtown. Another $270,000 will be spend on enhancements like bike racks, news signs and "sharrows," the markings on roads that remind drivers to share the road with bicyclists.
Thursday night, Cincinnati held an open house in Northside to unveil its bicycle master plan. Planners not only wanted to find out what specific improvements bikers wanted, but also what it would take to move people from behind the wheel, to behind the handle bars.
"Who's the last person that we can get out on a street on a bike, and what's it going to take to do that?" said Jack Martin, acting city architect.
Bike advocates say it will not only help Cincinnati seem more vibrant, but also safer, adding extra eyes to the street."

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