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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to properly lock up your bike

So I was at the Century City mall yesterday and after about 20 minutes of riding around looking for a place to lock up, I finally found their bike racks. I've heard of a few people getting their bikes stolen from the mall and they don't have any cameras facing the bike racks.

You'll notice that I use two locks and a cable. I use two locks any time my bike is going to be locked up somewhere that I can't see it and especially if it's going to be locked up for more than an hour.

Don't forget to lock up your seat and remove your lights and top-tube pad if you have them.

Also, if you can, take pictures of your bike after you lock it up. It might be easier to get your bike back or get reimbursed if you can prove that it was locked up correctly.

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