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Monday, March 8, 2010

J Knice-Raul Gonzalez-Death Cycle shirts, Available Now!!

In continuation of Mr. Knice's "Artist Collab Series", Knice Clothing has released it's artist collab of the month. Mr. Knice has teamed up with Los Angeles artist Raul Gonzalez to create the Death Cycle shirt. A custom 80’S acid-washed tee which has undergone a special curing technique to create a uniquely worn and deconstructed look. 100% cotton, mineral garment dyed and washed for a super soft hand. Above is LAB/Brimstone rider, George rocking the Knice/Gonzalez-Death Cycle shirt.

visit to read the blog about artist Raul Gonzalez and the collaboration project with KniceClothing.

Spotted @ Knice Clothing

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