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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Minneapolis' Bike Sharing Program

Here's a few snippets of the article all about Minneapolis' new bike sharing program:

"Minneapolis will launch the first large-scale bicycle sharing system in the country next year, designed to improve public health and increase transportation options.
Nice Ride Minnesota, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit, will place 1,000 bikes in 80 locked self-service kiosks throughout the city, starting in May 2010. One of the kiosks is on display at the Minnesota State Fair.
The non-profit modeled the program on similar initiatives in Paris, Montreal, and Barcelona. Some American cities have experimented with smaller-scale programs, including Washington D.C. and Tucson, Ariz."

"Users will pay $5 a day or $60 a year to access the bikes. Participants who sign up for a year-long account will receive a key card for unlimited access to the kiosks. Daily users can use a credit card directly at a kiosk, and will receive a code to access the bicycles for 24 hours. Nice Ride Minnesota designed the program for short trips, in order to keep the bikes in circulation. Cyclists who use a bike for more than 30 minutes will be charged an additional fee for each half hour. Program officials have not yet determined the fee amount.
As a result, program organizers hope that each bike will be used for as many as 15 trips a day."

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