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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Clever Anti Theft Device(s)

Bike theft seems to be a growing epidemic everywhere. I've seen it all over Los Angeles at almost every bike event. Dominic Wilcox, a designer/experimenter has come up with this clever, although probably not fail proof, way to not get your bike stolen.

These are stickers that adhere to any bike (or car) making it look rusted and scratched so that nobody would want to steal your beloved biked since it now suddenly looks so shabby and poorly taken care of.

He leaves this funny note on the back of the sticker pack "Note. This anti-theft device is not guaranteed to work in any way.
However I have stuck them to my shiney new red bike and can confirm it hasn't been stolen yet. 13 days of not being stolen in London probably equates to 7 years of non-stealing in the friendly countryside."

Available here.

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