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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Is Old Man Miller.

So we thought it would be fun to tell you guys a little bit about who we are who run and do Bike Day LA. For your smokey Wednesday morning (if you live in L.A.) we interviewed Nick "Old Man Miller".

Q: What do you do for Bike Day LA?
A: I am the element of wilderness.

Q: In your next life what will you be (either for bike day la or not)?
A: The bike day la promotions guy

Q: What do you ride?
A: So far a slew of converted road bikes all on the same green weinman wheel.

Q: What is your favorite thing about bicycling?
A: That's tough. Having a hobby that is also exercise and is also efficient transportation.

Q: What do you hate when you ride?
A: Exploding forks.

Q: Your favorite trick?
A: I like backwards circles. I also like the no hands one foot backward circle.

Q: Its your last meal, what are you eating?
A: A breakfast sandwhich from snackbar wrapped in a pepperoni pizza from village covered in tabasco with a side of fish tacos, some mac n cheese,some beans, a half chicken, some hummus, iced coffee, dr pepper, water and new castle.

Q: Where can you be found?
A: Lately I'm either chillin at home,working and hanging out at 15-20, riding my bike or out and about drinking beer and seeking out amazing food with my gf.

Q: And last but not least, what is your dream bike?
A: At this point any proper track bike that is my size and not too heavy. I'll fantasize more extravagantly later.

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