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Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is Alyson

It's Saturday. You better be going to the BFF tonight and definitely to the BBQ/Block Party tomorrow. A few of us will be there!!! Our last interview of the Bike Day LA folks is actually me, Alyson Michelle!

Q: What do you do for Bike Day LA?
A: I'm the brain. I run our website, blog, facebook, twitter, myspace.

Q: In your next life what will you be (either for bike day la or not)?
A: I want to come back as a leotard! (it's from a movie)

Q: What do you ride?
A: A wonderful 46 Swobo Sanchez with celeste cages and a back white wheel.

Q: What is your favorite thing about bicycling?
A: The sense of community.

Q: What do you hate when you ride?
A: Going up hill against the wind on a crack ridden road.

Q: Your favorite trick?
A: Going fast? I don't do tricks but I quite like watching them.

Q: Its your last meal, what are you eating?
A: One of every piece of sushi on the San Shi Go menu, potato pesto pizza from Escape from NY pizza on Haight, a pear and candied walnut salad, a strawberry & nutella crepe, faux canadian style sticky chicken and saffron rice, a dr pepper, a grilled cheese from in & out, all the appetizers at Green Leaves on Hillhurst, and cookies & cream yogurt land. YUM.

Q: Where can you be found?
A: Behind a computer screen, biking around, or on a big orange couch with the boyfriend & a cat named Larry.

Q: And last but not least, what is your dream bike?
A: Celeste Bianchi Concept with celeste deep v's and white components & white tires.

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