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Thursday, August 20, 2009

DC does a track bike?!

It seems that a lot of skate and action sport brands are dipping their toes into the fixed gear culture. Element did a track bike. Every shoe company from Vans to Nike has done a shoe geared toward riders. DC, you know the skate company that used to be a hot commodity has also recently dived into fixed gear waters. Inspired by BMX, here's what DC says about the bike...

"The new fixed gear bike design details are directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end. This blend of old school BMX and a modern fixed gear bike not only takes its cues from the PK Ripper BMX construction but also its colorways—Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver."

Get it here.

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