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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Helmet Hair? I think not!

Now, I don't wear a helmet, which is stupid of me, I know. For many who ride bikes, they don't want to look uncool or look as though they are a total poser, but let's be honest, wearing a helmet could save your life. And frankly if you aren't alive then you can't ride, so what's really more important?

These helmets were designed by Yves BĂ©har, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Matt Swinton, & Giuseppe Della Salle of Fuse Project and were commissioned by the state of New York. The outside covers are totally customizable and also comes off easy for cleaning. Now you can look hip and be safe!

Personally I think the added feature of being able to lock them up with your U-lock is the best and the ear flaps cause wind in the ears is quite unpleasant.

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